How do three third-graders manage to get their hands on the big guy's boot? It all starts with an innocent snowball fight on a snowy Christmas Eve that turns into a challenge. Alec must prove his manliness to the girls. The events that follow lead to chaos, laughter and the best gift ever! A wild bird, a dog chase and a snowball fight make it an exciting day. Having Santa's boot makes it unforgettable. 

Chloe and Alec are given permission to do the unthinkable; camp out and wait up for Santa. Nora is devastated because she must stay the night in her house across the street. Will her courage prevail? Will Chloe and Alec get along?

The remainder of the night is spent communicating by walkie-talkie. Fears, jokes and doubts arise, but it's a fight against sleep.

Will the night turn out as they hoped? The story will leave readers asking themselves, What would I do different? Could I stay awake? Could this really happen?


Lila Discovers Grammy's Secret

More in the Lila series coming 2018


Lila is a lively kindergartner who has the ability to spread joy and chaos at the same time. Lila may have a one-track mind, but the love and adoration for the people, and sometimes her toys, in her life shows in each story. 

This time Lila is spending the night with some of her favorite people, Grammy & Papa. While playing detective to find Grammy's missing book, Lila puts together some interesting clues and ends up discovering Grammy's secret instead.

Lila Discovers Grammy Secret Front Cover

Critter Sitter Chronicles

BEST.IDEA.EVER! Pet sitting seemed like the perfect job for BFF's, Paige and Maia, but it's not as easy-peasy as they thought it would be. Paige is desperate to save enough money to buy a ticket to Adventure Park to celebrate Maia's birthday AND to ride the Serpent's Tail with Ryan Too-Cutie Shootie. Could this two-sided desire ruin the BFF's business and  friendship? It all leads up to that critical moment at the amusement park.


Aside from the chaos of the job, many life elements are clouding Paige's self-awareness. The story has everything from a secret crush, an annoying sister, Know-It-All Ashley and a hairy nemesis known as Max, the three-legged German Shepard.



Lila wishes to do something exciting over summer break like her classmate. So, she tells a lie. At first, it felt like playing pretend. But as the lie spreads, it becomes a big deal in her small world. She doesn't know how to take it back and the lie keeps getting bigger. It's time to fess up when she doesn't get invited to a birthday party because her friends think she moved to Paris. This story teaches young kids that a small fib can spiral out of control. Lila shows them that it might not seem easy to fess-up, but it feels much better when you do. 

Critter Sitter Chronicles 4th of July FR

Paige and Maia are still busy pet-sitting, but are desperate to create a Fourth of July parade for the chance to win free ice cream for a year. Paige must try to ignore know-it-all Ashley's banter and put her fear of Max aside while secretly hoping Ryan-Too Cutie-Shootie is back in town for the holiday. But as the days tick by it becomes a matter of life and death. Literally! The girls must deal with loss and new life. Their emotions are erupting this Fourth of July. 

Critter Sitter Chronicles 2: 4th of July Parade