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I won't bore you with information like what college I got my MBA, or why I got a Marketing degree instead of Journalism like I had wanted. I won't go into detail about how I became a freelance card writer then had to quit to spend three cool years in Europe. But, I will tell you about all my passions in life and who I really am. 

I’m just a human with a creative mind. A joker, a mild-introvert, a mother, a wife and self-published author! A pleaser.


I’m a people watcher. I like to watch people and absorb their behaviors, mannerisms and reaction. The best places to watch people are in airports and on public transportation. The spectrum of people is so broad; from colorful to dingy, from courteous to rude, and wide contradictions between appearances and behaviors. People watching is a great base for developing characters.

Ever since I was a kid, 5th grade to be exact when my English teacher said I could write my own poems for poetry recitals, I have enjoyed writing.  I would write all sorts of poems and plays for my friends to perform. I have written stories and full length books over the years.  The one goal I have always wanted to accomplish is to be a published author. I finally thought it was time to do something about it.

I love to bake, especially decorated sugar cookies. I started a second side gig called Val's Happy Cookie Co. to help pay for expenses of self-publishing and have grown to love it! 

My daughters used to love bedtime stories. As a stay-at-home-mom I decided I would use my time more productively now that they are both in school. Turning highly requested bedtime stories into manuscripts.


I have the sweetest, kind-hearted kids, but they can be brutally honest and are the worst liars. So, they have been my feedback and confidence through the process of finishing Returning Santa’s Boot and the Lila Series. If my kids like them I am confident other kids will too.

Valerie Ondrejko

"Writing is the one thing I've really been happy doing."