Step into my closet,

And look at all my shoes -


WAIT! Don’t trip!


Today is picture day,

And I just can’t choose!


I need the perfect pair,

But there’s no time for the store.

I could wear my green slippers,

But they have claws like a dinosaur.


I have shoes for ballet and tap

Oh No! My purple pair has a broken strap.


My sparkly pair lights up

  when I skip and hop,

Oh, here’s my yellow sandals

  and my squishy flip flops.


I’ve got rubber boots, cowboy boots

  And boots for the snow.


Orange, Nope!

Blue, Nah!

Brown, No-No-No!


Black is very classy,

But heals are no good for recess.

GREAT! Now my room is a big mess!


I love my ruby red slippers,

But the magic just ran out-

This is giving me the blues!

I know, I’ll just wear the white ones,

And change my outfit to match my shoes!


  • Valerie Ondrejko